Thursday, December 13, 2007

the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is lame

the Golden Globe nominations came out this morning.
um, they totally forgot to recognize PTA for best director. Ass Hats.
my favorite part was when Quentin Tarantino was announcing nominees and he expressed verbal excitement for Diablo Cody and Daniel Day-Lewis. In a perfect world Quentin and I would be friends, he'd appreciate my non-fame and we would watch movies together in his screening room.
I also appreciate my BF Philip Seymour Hoffman getting 2 noms. that was so dope. I saw Charlie Wilson's War last night and thought it was great. Why Julia Roberts is nominated is a mystery to me but whatever. Clearly the HFPA has their heads pretty far up their own asses.
I shall stop rambling for now. About that.

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the fiercest deuce said...

If you would pardon my poor grasp of the French language, award shows are just poop parades with pee pee floats. But it's good to see a some solid names up there like the Coens and a little PT Anderson, even if they're too busy with their reacharound train to give proper credit to Mr. Anderson. And I agree about Julia Roberts. How about gaining 80 pounds or shaving your head for a role before we hand over another award for playing yourself. But I'll reserve judgement for after I've actually seen the film. She deserves that much.