Monday, December 17, 2007

the lonely island

i missed the movie Hot Rod when it was in theaters and finally just saw the dvd.
you know what? it had some pretty damn funny moments.

even if it isn't the best movie ever, i can't argue with the lonely island. when i first saw their pilot for fox "awesometown" i burned 86,314 calories from laughing. true story.

also worth checking out, the commentary on the dvd. listening to andy, akiva & jorma is as entertaining as "lazy sunday" or "dick in a box". in case you don't care or have been taking up residence in a cave or bunker with no television, SNL would be close to nothing without these 3 dudes.

when i see this:i get as excited as i do when i approach disneyland drive off the 5 freeway. cuz it means - good times ahead.
also noteworthy:
Danny McBride
Wait til you see him in Pineapple Express. He's pretty magical.

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