Friday, December 14, 2007

match made in heaven

i couldn't have thought of a better pairing if i tried.

imagine my delight when i came home to my entertainment weekly (it's a surprise to no one i know that my ideal friday night consists of pj's and the new EW issue, and best week ever if it's on) to find that current obsession Diablo Cody is now a contributor! Holy Fantasmic Crap!

other couplings that have brought me this much joy in the past (in no particular order):
-jonny greenwood scoring a P.T. Anderson film
-the beastie boys inviting luscious jackson to their record label
-p.j. harvey singing a duet with thom yorke
-jack black in a michel gondry film
-radiohead and the pixies co-headlining coachella
-LCD soundsystem and Arcade Fire touring together
-fancy designers making clothing and accessory lines for Target
-Fred Eric opening 2 restaurants downtown
-zach galifianakis in a fiona apple video

click for Diablo's EW column

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