Friday, December 14, 2007

build up much?

Scott Foundas wrote this in the LA Weekly (regarding Oscar contenders and awards season):

As for There Will Be Blood, about which you will be reading much more in the pages of the Weekly over the coming weeks, I will say only this: There are great films (like No Country For Old Men) and then there are films that send shock waves through the very landscape of cinema, that instantly stake a claim on a place in the canon. Often, such vanguard works fail to be fully understood or appreciated at the moment they first appear, as some of the initial reviews that greeted Psycho, 2001 and Bonnie and Clyde attest. There Will Be Blood belongs in their company, and I consider myself fortunate to belong to a group with the foresight to recognize it in its own moment.

rest of the article here

i happen to agree (duh) but statements like that are going to spark debates o' plenty. bring it on.

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